The Siena Collection is made in the image of Old World hand-made ceramics. As such, variation in tone, shading and some variation in facial dimension from piece-to-piece are an intentional element of the design and should be expected. Prior to installation, tiles from several boxes should be mixed together to achieve the best possible blend of these characteristics. It is also important to note that the quoted dimensions are nominal only and not necessarily indicative of exact dimensions of the tile. When grouting the glossy crackle-glazed finish tile, it is recommended that you apply a grout-release agent, or pre-sealer, to the surface of the tile prior to grouting to avoid any trappings of the grout in the small glaze cracks. After grouting, it would also be beneficial to apply an appropriate penetrating sealer. As in all wet installations, wall-to-wall, floor-to-wall, and tub-to-wall joints must be caulked. This beautiful collection is intended primarily for use on wall or countertop applications. However, the crackle-glaze finish is not recommended for use on kitchen countertops.

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